Ehabtech For Import and Export

Ovens and Bakery


EHABTECH Co. characterized by many of the machinery of the importer and the local manufacturing and is divided as follows:

- Mixer multi weight and size and power features private industry basins and high level of aluminum or stainless steel weight varies according to needs.

- Dough Slicer bread the different types of mission lines cut and weight of the Arab dough balls in a proper way so that we can control the weight of the pieces with ease by a joystick.

- First Fermentation Works on fermentation of the dough balls to the Arab and the process is done on special belts absorbs moisture from the dough and surrounded by by this fermented insulating windows of aluminum-coated glass and fiber glass.

- Dough Dividers mission individual pieces of dough and accurate sound manner and take them to the final without being fermented untouched hands with the possibility control bread diameter and thickness.

- Final Fermentation works on the Arab fermentation of the dough to the orderly and true is the receipt of the dough to be transferred to the oven and place the process by layers of conveyor belts have been isolated fermented insulated aluminum windows covered with glass and fiber glass.

- Automatic Oven Responsible for the maturity of bread dough and be a full Arab in an automated manner, a room full storing a quantity of high temperatures can reach 650 degrees Celsius oven has a top fire line and also bottom line of fire, diesel or gas.

- Conveyor Belt his mission Cooling Arab bread in an orderly and to which is available in several different sizes and shapes and measurements according to the location and can be mounted on the floor or be mounted at the top, and we have been manufacturing with special conveyor belt to be in conformity with the terms of global health.

- All the requirements of delivery and installation The company characterized by the provision of spare parts for all products and equipment delivered and installed by specialists in the repair any malfunction with customers