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Ovens and Bakery

Four Arabic bread lines

The productivity of the line:

Line production rate from 12000 to 10000 bread at approx. size ranges from 15 to 40 cm diameter Intended for tight places and small and highly -saving in power and runs on diesel or natural gas.

Features Line:

1 - Mixer capacity 150 kg and Electrical Power 4 kW 220 – 380 volts height 80 cm, width 90 cm and the height is 115 cm and the pelvis is made of aluminum or stainless steel and total weight of 350 kg

2 - Dough Slicer bread Chopping and weight of the dough balls so that we can control the weight of the pieces that ranges from 50 to 200 grams with ease by the joystick.

3 - First Fermentation Specially designed for initial fermentation dough balls to correctly and the process is done on a private belt absorbs moisture from the dough and this fermented window consists of insulating aluminum-coated glass.

4 - Dough Dividers an individual chips dough in a precise manner and take them to the Final Belts Fermentation automatically with the possibility to control the size of the bread, which ranges between 15 to 40 cm, and in terms of thickness is received and ranging from 2 to 5 mm.

5 - Final Fermentation specially designed for chips fermentation circular to the orderly and true it is founded receiving the dough from the chip to the extradition to the oven and place the process by layers of conveyor belts have been isolated body fermented insulating windows of aluminum-coated glass.

6 - Automatic Oven designed for the process maturity of full automatic for dough It consists of an entire room store a huge amount of high temperatures up to 650 ° C and the oven is equipped with two levels of fire upper and lower believes the maturity of the bread and the oven works either by diesel or gas.

7 - Conveyor Belt mission cooling bread cooling in an orderly fashion and is available in several sizes or different shapes and sizes depending on the place and can be mounted on the floor or installed at the top, and I have been making track with special carrier to be identical to the terms of global health.

8 - Control Panel Contains operating and control devices and protection for all equipment from an increase in the load and any defect in the process it made according to the specifications as global devices include the organization of motor speeds depending on business requirements.