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Oven automatic rotary

Is designed for the best performance and uses this oven widely in various fields to bake all types of bread and French bread baguette and toast and croissants and all kinds of cakes and pastries of all kinds, is also used in the processing of certain types of Arabic sweets and bread roty (Yemen) and a lot of other items different.

1 - Interface oven, bottom burning room, floor of the oven and the body of oven are all made of stainless steel

2 - the number of provider oven (2) Cart made ​​entirely of high-quality stainless steel.

3 - provide each vehicle from the previous vehicles with oven trays, as measured by the required number of 16 trays are perforated ribbed private French bread or special pillow flat cakes and pastries …. a lot, according to desire.

4 - the oven is equipped with a digital thermal hour of the best global brands with heat sensors inside the baking room.

5 - You can watch the baking process when the door is closed through the transparent glass warming, which bears a relatively high temperatures may reach up to 500 degrees Celsius.

6 - Inside the oven light source Halogen bulb heat with good lighting, and can be operated On and Off control from the control panel so that it directly allows the worker to monitor the baking process without the need to open the door.

7 - the oven temperature is derived from the Italian burner with a pump and sensor processor and internal control in the burner and runs on diesel fuel and an advantage to provide in consumption, as strongly fire can be controlled through the control panel.

8 - the oven is equipped with a comprehensive electrical control panel used to stop the operation and control a time of steam and baking time and control of the burner, is equipped with timer and time and hour emergency switch and thermal ….. etc..

9 - all circuit breakers, switches and buttons are all French or European industry equivalent quality and heat sensors hour of the best global brands.

10 – Temperature adjustable by type of baking required and are controlled through heat time and displays the value of the actual temperature and the set temperature digitally on the screen for an hour electronic heat.

11 - oven is equipped with steam vents are opened and closed automatically as unstoppable continuously as desired.

12 - steam release time is set by the desire of the provisional during your time with steam.

13 - issue a warning from the oven at the completion of the baking process to inform the Working by the end of the baking and are set as desired.

14 - oven motor resistant to high temperature, where the drag of hot air from the combustion chamber and pushes to the baking chamber.

15 - oven has a hood to where the siphoning off odors and fumes when you open the oven door and works in conjunction with the door open.

16 - oven has a rotary motor engine of the vehicle where he recycles the cart inside the oven..

17 - the oven is isolated from all sides of the well through the insulator (glass wool) high density which prevents leakage of heat from the oven and so saves on fuel consumption

18 - Armored oven door well and resistant to severe shocks as it Thermal insulation rubber compound from all sides and function of this rubber to prevent leakage of heat through the door.

19 - the outer shell of the rotary kiln is characterized by consistently gorgeous and breathtaking color of stainless steel.

20 - Power Supply needed to work the oven 220 ~ 380 volt, 50 – 60 Hz