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EHABTECH co. got on the major agency and exchange of expertise of three leading companies in the field of bakery where it is the exclusive agent for these companies in Egypt and the Middle East are as follows :

1 - Ashira Ovens co. (Syria), the company specializes in the manufacture of high-tech machinery furnaces and safety of high quality specifications in Arabic bread industry in accordance with the international quality standards and our exclusive agent in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East.

2 - Bakanoglu co. (Turkey) and the company is one of the most powerful companies in the world competition in the industry Mixers different types and weights to meet all the needs and our exclusive agent in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East.

3 - Farhat Bakery co. (Lebanon) , one of the most powerful companies that deal in a major high – tech bakery ovens mechanism where we are dealing with in the field of exchange of expertise and techniques of international high specifications in this industry Arabic bread.

Therefore we have to limit the agency we have to ensure the provision of the finest production lines integrated to our valued customers , quality assurance and health and safety of their customers do not seek to profit and make it our first ever , but same side in the first instance the example of major international companies in providing outstanding service for our customers to put them in the ranks of bakeries advanced in the manufacture of Arabic bread with quality and high productivity in the interest of us the importance of our field who cares about citizen food who is our primary mission through our clients