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Compact line

Bread line able to produce Arab or Lebanese bread or pita bread allocated for large restaurants and supermarkets.

The productivity of the line:

Line produced from 1000 until 1500 bread at restaurants and large hotels and supermarkets all diameters of 15 cm to 40 cm and can be mounted in confined spaces and working with diesel fuel or natural gas and ensure the operation just two years.

Compact line features:

1 - Mixer capacity 150 kg and Electrical Power 4 kW 220 – 380 volts height 80 cm, width 90 cm and the height is 115 cm and the pelvis is made of aluminum or stainless steel and total weight of 350 kg.

2 - Dough Slicer bread cut and weight of the Arab dough balls in a proper way so that we can control the weight of the pieces, which range from 50 to 200 grams with easily by a joystick.

3 - Frist Fermentation designed specifically for brewing Arab dough balls to and correctly and the process is done on special belts absorbs moisture from the dough and This fermented windows consists of aluminum covered with insulating glass and fiberglass.

4 - Dough Dividers mission individual dough in a proper manner, accurate and transported to the final fermented without untouched hands with the possibility of controlling the diameter of the bread, which ranges from 15 to 40 cm and in terms of thickness ranging from 2 to 5 mm.

5 - Final Fermentation is specially designed for brewing chips dough Arab circular is to orderly and properly is the receipt of the dough from the chip to the extradition to the oven and place the process by layers of conveyor belts have been isolated fermented windows insulated aluminum-coated glass and fiberglass.

6 - Automatic Oven designed for the bread dough to be baked Arab automatically complete it is an entire room that stores the amount of heat that may be up to 650 degrees Celsius and the oven has a line of fire top line of fire bottom responsible for the maturity of the loaf and they work either diesel or gas .

7 - Conveyor Belt mission Arab bread cooling in an orderly and to which is available in several different sizes and shapes and measurements according to the location and can be installed on the floor or install it at the top, and we have been manufacturing with special conveyor belt to be in conformity with the terms of global health.

8 - Control Panel contains operating and control devices and protection for all equipment to increase the payload and any defect in the process it is made ​​in accordance with the international standards as devices include the organization of motor speeds according to work needs.