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Our customers

EHABTECH Co. for import, export and installation of ovens oriented mechanism for all valued customers thanks and appreciation and our desire to compete in Egyptian market or in global markets and with us to reach the best results for the consumer to actual production and processing of Arabic bread.

The company amended its policy was agreed not to put all of the clients in the content of this page, and so as to ensure distinguish some customers have the company’s management put the best 11 from clients privileged we are partners success with them, and backed by the company’s management is always to reach the best results in the production of Arabic bread, as well as also maintenance machinery and production lines permanently and continuously and regularly briefed on all technological developments in field Arabic bread production, as well as everyone who has installed one or two or three lines.

For all of us sincere thanks and appreciation and gratitude for what we gave him high confidence cherish and take pride in the interests of company management our customers discerning granted company maintenance contracts and free standing to continue efforts between the company and customers Outstanding.