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About us

about us

We EHABTECH for import, export and installation of ovens mechanism co. as long as 50 years of experience to reach the largest safety factors for customers where we work on the development of distinct models to provide quality service to our customers and as a result we have a partnership smart with the strongest global companies competition in this area from outside Egypt so as to improve and develop this area to suit the Egyptian market to get customers the latest technology in the field of automated ovens.

Our company manufacturing processes, production, supply and training of labor and multiple competitors in this area, but what sets us apart from the quality and accuracy factors safety very important to us in the first place in order to preserve lives working because we put our customers in a direct confrontation with the consumer and that what we offer to clients of consulting experts and updates for machines and maintenance periodic and provide after-sales service, installation and search for solutions to all the problems faced by all clients and fit prices and production.


– Import ovens mechanism for bread

– Import ovens rotary

– Import Hotel Supplies

– Maintenance and installation of all products

– Spare parts for all products

– Maintenance free for a year

– Training on the operation and maintenance

– Innovative solutions for equipment and space